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Similimum Ultra Homeopathic Software


SIMILIMUM ULTRA is a versatile application that provides diverse types of innovative digital tools and platforms useful for ANY homeopath following ANY METHOD in his day to day practice.


SIMILIMUM ULTRA is designed with such a flexibility and richness of contents and tools, that it adapts itself to meet the everyday changing requirements of any Homeopath to set up and run a fully computerized clinical practice.


SIMILIMUMULTRA is a complete, user-friendly and state-of-the art Clinical Utility Software Package for Homeopathic Practitioners, developed by Chandran K C.


SIMILIMUM ULTRA is visibly outstanding by its simplicity and comprehensiveness when compared with similar products currently available in the market. It is the final glorious outcome of more than 40 years of unrelenting learning and dedication of its author to the cause of Homeopathy.


Apart from the repertorization tools for practicing Classical Homeopathy such as Totality Method, Elimination Method, Combined Method(Totality + Elimination), Punch Card Method, Brick-Column Method Etc., SIMILIMUM ULTRA incorporates a RECOMBIINANT METHOD of repertorization, based on Boenninhaussen’s principles of case analysis. More over, SIMILIMUM ULTRA presents a novel method of COMPARTMENTAL REPERTORIZATION, for those who intend to try the wonderful MULTI-SIMILIMUM METHOD of prescribing.


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